About me

With roots going back to my ancestors through my great-grandmother to me, I have been developing the gift of mediumship and clairvoyance for over 10 years. I am a twice accredited and certified therapist and spiritual coach, associated with tarot since 2016 and professionally since 2020. A passion I have nurtured since 2020 is rituals. I run a consulting company in the United States.

My mission

My support has reached more than 5,000 people, collecting more than 3,000 positive reviews, and this number is constantly growing! The mission I have been called to is to help you find yourself, your path and discover the mysteries you are curious about.

Place on earth

I live in Florida, near sunny Miami, but I often spend time in New York, where I had the pleasure of living for 8 months. Swapping a cement city for a quiet beach town turned out to be the best decision of my life! Palm trees, sun, sand, seashells and the ocean – this is my place on earth, where I feel I live and grow spiritually. I want to convey to you at least a part of this warmth that surrounds me, through my transmissions, divinations and services.

I am a wife and mom of a Chihuahua, a lover of the United States, luxury goods and the beach. I went to my beach wedding in a black dress. When I was younger, I trained in horse riding and dancing. I was even a trainer! I have more than 20 tattoos, and each of them has a spiritual meaning. I don’t have a lot of free time, but I try to spend my free time learning Latin, Spanish and Arabic. Visiting new restaurants is a way to get cardio exercise, and my favorite flavors are seafood and sushi. I love America, I love exploring new places and getting deep into new cultures, so for this year I’m planning to visit some states that are new to me. New Orleans and Salem are in the plans – never too many new magical inspirations, exploring new practices and grounding myself in powerful energetic areas!

Business proposal

When it comes to business issues for personal brands, I focus on financial independence and development, so I want to help you too. Do you want to start making money from your passion? Get back to me – together we will try to put together a plan that will allow you to become a recognizable personal brand and make money from anywhere on earth! In 4 years only through Instagram I have grown my online esoteric-related business to an income of +$100,000 per year! In 2023, I completed 2 business courses, one in English from a PR agency in New York, the other from a Polish personal brand specialist. I will modestly mention that under my mentoring from the establishment of the company, within a few months several people came to earnings of $6.000-$12.500 per month. From 2020 to 2024, I earned over fifty $500.000.

Rituals and practices

Most of my ritualistic practice is based on my energy with the addition of runes or Latin. Since 2021, I have been leading the Astarte cult, In addition, I work with infernal beings and I’m initiated into the Russian closed practice Veretnichestvo. I was appreciated by the veretnik and finalist of Bitva Ekstrasensov, who suggested that I apply for the program in 2022. I have been performing rituals since 2020, earning more than 900 positive reviews. I can help you with advanced work with infernal beings and basic work with angelic beings. I have been a master of manifestation since early childhood. Imagine a little girl wanting a red shirt, which after some time appeared in the closet and no one including me knows how it got there. There are hundreds of such stories in my life and such magical energy I share with you during rituals. 

What I offer

This platform is for people who want to develop their spiritual gifts, grow in business and personal life. My services, such as tarot, rituals and energy cleansings, are available exclusively through Instagram – I invite you to sign up there as well.


With tarot we can effectively look into the past, present and future. We can ask individual questions or make a general or relationship reading. With the help of tarot, although mainly on the pendulum, I check magical gifts and predispositions and perform energy diagnostics. Thanks to my high effectiveness in tarot reading, I am recognizable on the esoteric market.


I perform rituals for everything using my own energy and additionally runes or Latin. I also works with deities and spirits. I really enjoy making sigils and connecting with deities. It's up to you which method we use to perform the ritual and for what purpose! Rituals are my hobby, which has also spread my name to all corners of the world.